Hazel eyes are also striking because the emphasis of color may change with the light or mood. No one can ignore those gorgeous eyes, especially when they are accented with the right colors. For daytime shades, go with tones highlighted by clothing hue.

Shades of Hazel Eyes

For daytime wear, using a pale beige tone enhanced with light purple or pink will not overwhelm the color of lighter hazel eyes. Earth tones work well with hazel eyes of any shade. Layer, then blend the colors, erasing definition, creating a smooth palette of seamless color. If brown is the emphasis for the day, use a deeper color in the crease of the eyelid.

Make sure it’s blended with more pale shades of peach, tan, beige, rose or gray. Because hazel eyes are outstanding, use the eye shadow subtly, to enhance, not electrify.

Evening wear for eye makeup should be more dazzling. Bring out the big guns, girls. Shades of purple in lilac, lavender and deep plum can be quite beautiful. Begin with a pale shade just under the brow, add a deep color as liner. Blend the darker shade in the crease of the eye with the medium color of lavender or lilac on the eyelid. Smooth the lines so it is a consistent stream of color from the eyelash line to the eyebrow.

If your hazel eyes are more to the gold tone, play that up with a sandy or shimmery gold, brown and copper. Daytime demands a subtle look, but it is easy to dress up your makeup for evening. For the office begin with a medium shade of brown in the crease of the eye, blending it lighter on the eyelid. Here you can add a deep color as an very thin eyeliner. Perhaps blue, copper or bronze would be appropriate. This depends on the intensity of your clothing color.

Just a small amount of water on the eye shadow brush will change the tint of the eye shadow to a deeper color. When the workday is over, all you need is a touch of shimmery gold on the eyelids to refresh your glow for date night.

Green flecks in hazel eyes are open to more shades of navy blue, emerald and bronze tones. Red lipstick brings out the green in hazel peepers, another way to intensify your assets.

Workaday colors might be in the pink or lavender shades accented with a bronze liner and a touch of bronze in the crease of the eye. Use a light soft shade of lavender or pink on the eye lid, blended to a pale tinge. A pale yellow on the brow bone beneath the eyebrows is a fun shade to surprise and adorn if you are using a brown/gold/bronze palette. If you are club-hopping after work, all you need to add is a smoky lid with purple or bronze. Evening colors may be a little more intense. Blend the colors well and be a showstopper.

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